Thursday, 29 December 2016

la tahzan

Dear diary...
asfaa baru sedar..
kadang apa yang kita kejar tuu..
tak semestinya yang terbaik buat kita..
if it meant to be ... it will happen someday..

prinsip asfa kan..
if people didnt do what u wanna them to do it for you.. so be the one who do it... yup this is truly me..
but dont get the wrong idea..
i just do it.. coz my soul tell me to..
and bila asfa tak buat..
i will easily feel regret..
and bcoz of that.. i hv this prinsip in my life..
whenever.. i want people to give me a present.. for my birthday..
i know they wont give it to me..
so i give it to them..
whenever.. people want me to accompanied em... i will call em.. right away... coz i knew.. what loneliness n sadness feels like..
and whenever i miss someone..
i will tell them..
if u said that im lying..
yeah i will said i lied..
but the truth is.. i really miss u so much.. people just wont realised it..

im a person who love to see people smile.. laughs... if its not bcoz of a joke.. or maybe i want them to smile bcoz of me..

i know.. i guess no one can make this much effort to me.. like i do for em...
coz people will realised it after u re already not in this world..

so.. before my times gone..
let me be ur rainbow.. in ur stormy days.. coz it is the least i can do for you..

its okay if em.. didnt notice it..
but at least.. i hope they miss me when im gone..

its funny.. when u re busy..
and whenever people need you..
you will always be there..
but.. whenever.. u need em..
you will just say.. its okay if u re busy..
and.. the saddest part of it..
they never notice what they did wrong to you... and u will feel like a puppet..
pretending.. lying to urself.. again n againn.. till the last blood of ur life..
i guess its not gonna be a happy ever after ... the truth is always hurt..

so.. lets sleep..
escape for today..

dear me.. be strong..
la tahzan.. ❤

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