Saturday, 3 December 2016


Dear diary...
when u r sick kan..
theres gonna be that one person who u will longing for..
eventhough they didnt know if u re sick.. u wish that someone or somehow they know..
u become even more sick.. when u keep missing em..
when time goes by..
u try to ignore... as much as possible..
and somehow.. u just depend wif the person whose there wif u rn..
eventhough u hate them..
but they really value u..
they appreciate ur time..
and thats the time..
u suddenly forgetting bout the person who u re longing for..
but just for that moment..
when u just have what u want..
actually.. u just want them to be there..
thats all..

its gonna be a tiring day tomorrow..
busy week...
i just try to ignore ... everything rn..
wif my blurry eyes.. n now my ear?
i cant listen quiet well now..
i hope the dr didnt request me any surgery tomorrow..
but if its for the best?
will i say yes?

hope da kwn esok juak.
takut juakk tetiba dorg cancel or something happen.. hmm..
u know.. u just miss everyone when u re sick.. and if they r there wif u.. u will cried even more...

i miss amjan lah weh..
hmm.. busy kali dia ni..
tak text pun sehari..
chat pun x balas ..
just miss him..
baii then..

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