Thursday, 10 November 2016

time goes by

Dear diary..
its 11th november.. today..
u know.. guyss.. lastnight i dreamt of my grandma..
dalam mimpi tu.. km macam adakan majlis kenduri..
and the last time i remember..
in that dream.. i kiss her cheek..
and salam tgn diaa..
she smile gorgeously..
and u know what?
when i woke up this morning?
i got ws msg.. and ... my aunt said..
that she died lastnight..

u know guys.. what i feel?
im burst to tears..
i feel really empty this morning..
asfa baring balik.. i dunno..
terus hilang semangat..
if i know lahh.. it was her last moment..
i want to hug her longer..
i just wanna go back to tawau rn..
but .. what can i do?
i just can pray for her..

dear granny..
rest in peace..
soon.. i will gonna meet u too..
thanks for all the precious moments and advice that u gave me..
i will remember it..
know that.. i love u.. always..
Al- fatihah..

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