Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Dear diary..
ehhmmm sejak beberapa hari ni mmg mood suka hilang
maybe mw dtg period kot hohoho
yup maybe nextweek.. hm
its not im stress its just im not in my mood..

im scared meeting new people..
new friends..
its not that im not interested..
im just afraid of feel regret..
i dunno lah...
actually.. im kinda miss em..
my bff..

this is Norazilah binti Hasan Basri..
everyone just call me.. my twins
coz our face looks alike
she is the one who knews all my secrets..
since year one in high school..
yeahh its such a blessing to meet her..
she is my girlfriend and bffs here..
we both born on 17..
but shes on May.. and im on January
the last time i met her was in the end of 2012
its our last hugs..
we r still in contact..
yeahh but u know..
we r busy wif our own things..
sometimes.. i call her..
and sometimes we have a video chat too..
we promise each other to meet up at Mount Kinabalu..
on our 25 yo..
live or die...
i miss u zil.. :')
i miss ur jokes..
and ur laughs...

abaikan muka asfaa arr hahahaha
ni pic tyme form 4..
we r just having a farewell party.. for our beloved teacher
sementara kawan lain begambar d dalam kelas..
kami begambar luar kelas 

nii muka ori ni..
belom ada laih apps edit2 filter sini.. hahahaha
tp.. mcm lain syak asfa senyum sini haha
 kalau asfa pakai spec.. muka kami sama..
maybe tak ketara sini muka kami haha..
mudaa pulak sini..
badan,, ku sini kurus..
sekaranggg hm... 
pipi sini.. mcm kempis sikit...
sekarang hm.. hahahaha
tyme ni kami begambar ..
sebab kata sir kami..
begambar banyak sebelum umur 18 tahun
tuu lahh peace2..
masi ayu sini ni...hmm

this is my beloved teacher.. 
who makes me really .. really love maths
so much...
its all thanks to her..
thanks.. teacher.. 
i miss u ..:')

hmmm.. all this throwbacks..
really make me in tears so much..
its just..
i miss ma past..
my past had made me who i am now..
but never judge me..
based on my past..
coz people change..
through all the times..

its gonna be a new chapter..
and a new year soon..
just know that..
i miss everybody..


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