Wednesday, 2 November 2016

i will make it worth it !

Dear diary.. 
its the third of november today.. 
 i dont even realised.. how much the time past.. its already will be the end of 2016 soon.. 

while scrolling my gallery.. and i found this picture.. 
hmm.. i miss him so badly.. 
eventhough i had called him.. 
actually.. im tearing up rn.. 
im thinking bout ma future.. 
its make me scared a lot.. 
firstly im scared.. that what will i be doing after graduated? 
can i survive?
can i help my family? 
and thinking bout my pt.. 
its make me nervous.. 
its for my whole life..
will i live that long? 
and u know whats make me even sadder? 
im just thinking that.. 
its almost my one year.. with him
will he stay for another year with me? 
will he still hold my hand?
i know that its not a guarantee that we can be forever in the future.. 
but.. at least.. can we try hard to stay together? 
pray for it.. 
work hard on it? 

i promise u.. im gonna be better.. 
jan.. even jarang dah asfa kata i miss you.. semua apa.. 
actually i dont even care if u get fatter or what.. as long as u re still amjan..
im always miss u jan.. 
and thanks for telling the truth.. 
i know its hard for u to say it.. 

take care jan 

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