Friday, 4 November 2016

i wanna go to past

dear diary..
hmm im injured..
luka kaki knn asfa..
silat kn.. hm
tp bestlahh juga.. dpt rasa sakit fizikal
dibndingkn skit dlmn.. tu lg sakit..

u know guys..
sometimes i just wanna chat wif amjan.. that the first time i chat wif..
its not like.. i dont like him now..
he is more better now..
and im really happy with it..
its just maybe.. i just miss the past..

sometimes.. mw jua tau..
what he thinks bout me..
tuu jak lh..

btw.. hopefully lh..
kaki tak bedarah dh esok hmm
sakit tu mmg sakit..
but its okay lh..
im gonna be a strong woman..
biasakn diri jaa..
coz im growing up soon..
takecare guys..
sleeptight.. 😊

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