Sunday, 13 November 2016

i hope u know..

Dear diary
its fullmoon tonight.. 
and the moon shine so bright..

i just hope ..
ive got a chance to fullfil all of my wishes wif him.. 
just.. let me do something for him..
u know guys.. 
theres a day.. i dream bout amjan..
in that dream.. 
im just waking up beside him.. 
and just for a moment.. 
i just stare at him.. while he was sleeping.. till he wake up.. 
he see me.. and smile.. ❤
and i woke up.. 
it was a nice dream.. 
yeah... if i can tell u guys..
how much i miss him
im longing him rn.. 
how much i love him.. 
i cant say it.. 
its countless.. 
i just wanna grab n hug him rn.. 
ouuuuhhhh i hope his mine forever.. ❤

amjan ni .. 
mau katakan.. dia ni crush..
memang taklah hahaha.. 
langsung tak tau pun sal dia..
kalau bole.. nemau tau pun dia.. 
tyme di matriks.. haha
but.. he makes me love him so dear.. 
i dunno.. maybe sebab recording tuu.. 
yahh serious.. its all bxoz bout that record.. why i trust him.. 

asfa nak jaga dia.. tyme dia sakit..
asfa nak happy kan dia.. tyme dia sedih..
asfa nak suapkan dia mknn.. bila dia lapar.. 
i just wanna wipe away.. all of his tears if i can.. 
hug him...when he feels lonely.. 
kiss him.. silently.. 
when he was sleeping.. 

this love of mine.. 
become stronger n stronger..
towards him.. 
yet.. i dunno how he feels bout me..
i hope its as the same as mine.. 
i hope u always remember this.. 
i cant love other guy.. as much as i love u.. 
so, dont be jealous.. 
trust me.. 
my eye n heart.. r just for u.. ❤

night jan.. 
if u got a chance..
jangan lupa tgok bulan esok....
cantik sangat.. 
let all the happiness with u jan.. ❤

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