Friday, 28 October 2016

save the date

Dear diary..
harini hari sabtu..
yup im gonna leave tawau soon..
u know what i mean.. when i said tawau..
and amjan means tawau..
aishhh! batcat jua bh..
taun depan baru dtg balek tawau..
haha kalau panjg umo lah.. hmm..

u know guys..
u know why i hate number 17 right?
and becoz i hate it.. i need to love it so much..
and u know what.. i got seat number 17 for bus.. today.. hm
its kinda gimme a goosebumps so much.. but kita serahkan pada Allah je k.. insyaallah.. amiin ..

if something happen..
just know that.. i love u all.. "smile"
kw bongok.. aq syg jugak.. hee

guys.. im gonna be twenty in two months from now..
and u know what the meaning of it?
im reaching my death real soon..
and so of my parents.. and u all ...
we r gonna lay and sleep on the ground soon.. sleep in darkness.. all alone..
leaving this dunya for good..

we gonna meet..
the angle of the death soon..
so, the question is.. am i ready?
yah of course im not..
coz i know who i am..
but im working for it..

thats why.. i love to enjoy every moment with my beloved..
i just love to stay silent.. and stare at them silently..
yah i know im matured already..
but not in the outside.. just the inside..

so.. just let me enjoy ma last moment being 19th.. being a fun and crazy teenage.. ❤

i hope lah ma parents ingat birthday asfa taun ni hm..
i know.. berapa byk kali pun kita kasi ingat someone tu utk wish kita befday.. if we r not special for them.. dorg takkan ingat..
why birthday wish is so important?
"coz.. this is the date that i born"
the day my mom screaming out loud..
where all the prays.. are for me.. and ma mom.. to be safe..
the day where im born.. out of no where..

and.. yah..
cantik kan date nya.. ❤
hmm.. actually i wish i had married at this age hahahahaha.. and married on this date.. adehh hahaha
amjan lambat pinang hm.. buhuuu
nda bahh men2 syakk..

btw.. i dunno if i can meet amjan today..
he said nak jumpa.. but
tiada juga dia cakap apa2.. hm
so maybe tak jadi kot jumpa.. ?
yah.. i miss him..
i just want to get some selfies with him..
and some conversations..
rindu maw begilak2 dalam kereta ngan dia.. hahahahaha.. nyanyi lagu entah pa2.. hahahaha..
if x jumpa kan.. hm
jumpa d pelamin jaa lah t..
hahahaha.. goodnight guys..
wish me luck on ma exam eh..
and ma trip back to kk..
amiin ❤

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