Saturday, 1 October 2016


Dear diary..
its hard to be strong..
its hard to be positive..
its hard to not overthink..

im just a promise keeper..
asfa kalu asfa ada janji something kat org.. asfa pasti akan tunaikn...
and thats why.. i hate so much people who broke their promises..

its just like..
u simply want me to not trust u anymore... i maybe hate amd leave you..
but im such a stupid forgiver too..
thats why i hate myself so much..
i really care bout everyone..
eventhough those people didnt care bout me at all..

thats why..
i stay silent.. a lot lately
i hate meeting new people..
i hate greeting new people..
hate introduce myself to new prople..
eventhough i miss being me..
i just need to stop being myself rn..
hmm night people

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