Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Dear diary..
cepat kan masa berlalu?
tak sangka amjan balik dh esok..
mcm mau menangis jugalahh skang ni..
sbb slama dia d pp.. mcm2 jaa asfa fikir.. entahlah.. besyukur jaa lah..

my amjan has growing up..
hes growing up real fast..
and im happy to see it..
to feel it.. yahh as i said before..
hes matured.. but he is way much mature now..

FINALLY.. doa asfa makbul alhamdulillah.. arghhh maw nangis..
u know? i love him before.. but i love him more now..
im just kind of a girl who like to test a man.. mmg byk dh asfa kenal laki..
yaa.. yang tinggi ke rendah..
yang kurus ke gemuk..
yang baik ke jahat..
yang nakal ke skema..

u know.. first asfa kenal amjan kn..
hes not nakal.. but nakal nya le dikawal lah.. sbb maybe dia matured..
but somehow.. i know lah smua org nak yg sempurna kn.. i want it too..
i just want a guy.. who really beriman ni.. jaga batas semua.. jaga solat.. pandai kawal emosi.. and.. half of it amjan ada dah..

but somehow i just want him to focus
.. i just a man like my dad..
yahh i want him to change for better ..
but i dont tell him.. i just pray for him.. to be better.. eventhough if he not for me.. at least for his family... n for his future.. coz that the best i can do jan..

im really happy now..
just be like u re now k..

u know.. i hope i can see u soon..
yeah maybe i cant hold ur hand..
or hug u... i just want to see u..
can i?
and i know.. u will gonna be busy soon wif ur practical again..
and yeahh me too wif my assignments..

jan.. tomorrow gonna be our 8th monthsarry.. i hope u remember it..
hmm.. i dunno if i can hear ur voice tomorrow.. yahh sbb arini amjan balik.. and ptg amjan sampai.. kan..
and maybe u re gonna forget bout it..

takecare sayang.. wait for me eh..

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