Monday, 19 September 2016

wait for me..

Dear diary..
i hv a lot of things to do..
and i hope all of my struggles.. will pay off..

im kinda miss everyone now..
living here.. all alone..
tinggal dalam budaya org lain..
how they treat u.. and living in other people world..

i hv many friends..
maybe today its gonna be 10 of them..
and tomorrow it will be none..
everyone with their own world now..
and as an adult rn..
i guess im old enough to take care of all of my problems now..
all of my thoughts... i will share it..
but i will just gonna share less..

beza sgt sini ngn kml..
d kml asfa masi gik bising.. dlm klas..
sini.. asfa pling pendiam dlm kelas..
abis kelas.. i will spend my time all alone... mostly lah.. alone..

so.. utk x boring..
i will make my life busy..
with study..
with revision..
less sleep..
less eat..

its better less than more..
asfa malu jugaa..
byk kli dh kot parents.. bank in duit..
and spnjg balik dr cimb td.. mmg sedih juga lahh...

ibu pun ada text asfa td..
tp asfa xda balas..
tau.. asfa mkn apa jaa?
asfa beli apa jaa d cafe?
asfa beli nasi n kuah jaa..
n balik bilik mkn..

coz asfa malu dah minta duit..
i guess.. i can survive jugaa.. mkn nasi jaa.. yes i will..
i need to save my money.. as many as possible for the future..
mmg malu jugalahh.. beli nasi n kuah jaa.. n abg kedai tu slalu jugaa sindir..
tp nak buat cemana...
its life kan..
biar lah susah skang..
bukan sakit jugaa.. kalu mkn nasi jaa kan..

bu.. abah.. tunggu asfa abis study ehh..
t tengok asfa dpt ijazah eh..
tunggu ehh.. i will make u happy..
i will make u proud..
love you..

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