Monday, 12 September 2016

missing you is my habit now

Dear diary...
finally lastnight asfa mimpi dia..
tau tak.. betapa lama gilaa x mimpikan dia..

di reality tak jumpa.. ni pulak tyme maya pun x jumpa...
i miss him everynight.. everyday..

in my dreams pun.. asfa excited gilaa jumpa diaa..
wow feel like crying now..
i miss his touch..
belaian dia..
sbb tuu asfa text diaa smlm..
and ngam2 semalam asfa sakit kan..
demam.. sbb tonsil ni sakit gilaa..
skang ni.  hilg suara ni..

ntahh lahh memang x tahan dah kot smlm.. i keep remembering my dreams.. and it make me sad when i wake up..

i still remember his words..
when he whispered "wait for me"
touch my cheek..
and.. walking with him...
yah.. mmg dlm mimpi tu asfa nangis..
it hurts so much bhaaa...
i wanna stay wif him.. even if it just in my dreams.

i know.. that i cant disturb him so often now.. his busy wif his exam..
i will wait for his free time..
i will be me.. at the beginning..
asfa x tambhkn masalah diaa..

thanks.. be there when i need you..
smlm.. mmg asfa sgt perlukan syg..
sbb asfa demam teruk smlm..
panas gilaa demam asfa..
but.. mlm tu jugaa syg muncul dal mimpi.. and said to me that.. to be strong ...

i crave u every night..
at 1am mostly..
love you.. bang jan ❤

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