Wednesday, 14 September 2016

love you Jan

Dear diary...
u know.. i miss him sangat bhaa ni..
tp menahan kan.. endaa ganggu.. pikir asfa sanggup ka? BUHUUUU

td pagi kan.. asfa mimpi abang gik..
and to see his smiling in my dream is such a heaven to me..
actually kan.. i hope i gotthe chance to rewind my dreams.. sbb ada tu ayat amjan bg d papan tulis but i dont remember it.. huarggghhh!
i want to meet him again.. and hug him.
im just being busy.. coz i dont want to layan feelings ni..
malas dahh nak layan yang endakk2..
redhaa jaa ngan apa yg nak jadi skang..
i know.. if he have times.. he will find me.. and chat me.. if he dont.. so he wont..

i just need to be more positive now..
i love him..
so, i guess this is one thing that i can make for him..

just takecare of yourself.. so i dont worry much.. ❤
just text me.. when u r free..
love you jan..

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