Friday, 23 September 2016

i keep missing u..

Dear diary..
i cant control myself dah..
its hurting my soul rightnow..
oh please forgive me.. to miss u this much.. please please please!!!!!

help me please!!!
my eyes burst in tears..
as i hold it.. for these week..
i miss u jaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
i misss u soooo damn!!!!! muchh!!!!
forgive me for acting like this!!!
yahh i lied.. if i said im happy..
i lied if i said.. im fine..
i lied.. if i said.. im okay...
bongok bhaaa hati..

sakit bha hati.. !
its hurting.. so much..
its not me rn..
eventhough theres thousand of people i met.. and they tru to make me.. happy..
i still wont..
and.. at the end.. of the day..
i need my blog.. to confess..

all that i can say..
gudluck bang..
i love you ❤

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