Saturday, 17 September 2016

hate this room !

Dear diary...
skang masuk subuh dah ni..
asfa blom tido lagi..
sbb asfa study td.. but somehow..
my roommates.. mybe x suka kot asfa tido lewat ni.. study..

she said.. "blom juga midterm.. so xpyh nak struggle sgt"..
actually.. asfa nangis ni krg.. sbb tu xle tido.. mybe asfa buat bising tak sengaja..
but u can ask me to stay quiet.. i can do that.. but please.. never ask me to stop studying and to continue it for tomorrow.. coz its totally not me..

i like to study late night..
coz theres silent.. darkness.. and its calm my soul so much.. to study..
and.. coz i feel hungrier at day..
than at night.. so its not bothering my focus..

the question is.. im just fine.. when u re screaming loud .. laughing when i pray and when i sleep..
so why? i cant study latenight.. just because i turn on my lil lamp?
is it fair enough?
do u think?

takkan kot asfa nak study kat depan tandas tuu? kalu camtu.. bagus asfa bw skali meja n katil kuar..
so.. jgn heran.. klu aq memberontak t..
aq lemah mmg.. but tu lahh..
i guess u dont wanna see me.. in 2 years ago.. ?
beware jaa lahh...

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