Friday, 5 August 2016


Dear diary...
actually hari ni agak suram sikit..
coz pagi².. asfa sedih.. tgok nenek nangis..dia teringatkn moyang..
I miss how my granny smiles..
and how her harsh words makes me smile and laughs..
and.. now I just remember.. the last she was wrap by a white clothes....
her lastime in dunya..
whenever I see an old woman..
how they kiss me.. hug me.. and their weak hands..automatically I will remember her..

u know..
a while ago.. I lost my earphones..
that thing that I bought wif amjan..
I searched all over the house..
and I can't find it...
my tears..start to falling off..
its not that I wanna hear songs..
I just wanna hear his records..
I must hear it.. before I go to sleep..
Its like I'm losing something really precious.. in my life..
sbb asfa biasa dahh dgr suara diaa setiap malam.. and asfa xle lah x dgr recording tu.. walau smlm..
I just miss him..
and benda nii jaa bole hilgkn rasa rindu tuu semua.. walau utk skjp..

smlm.. asfa happy jugaa coz dia bg recording kan...
actually.. record lagu tu.. "bidadari" Ada masi.. but this a new version lajh....
benda ni smua.. ingatkn Asfa...
" he loves me" I will whispered in my heart... everinight.. so I won't get lose..
or overthink...
mcm ... over kan? but that's me..
I love him so hard..
I just dunno why, dunno how..
I just did..
and I know this love is unbreakable..
forever... in my heart ❤

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