Friday, 1 July 2016

thoughts !

Dear diary...
its already the 2nd of July..
can u imagine how fast the time goes by..

on this Thursday..
Im sure that.. it's our 5th Ann..
and yeah.. the day after it.. his leaving soon..
gonna cry? nope..
he's just chasing his dreams..
be better.. and stronger.. and motivated..
why would I ?
I'm just gonna be happy for him..
he got his new life..
if he gonna change..
I don't mind either.. as long it is a good thing..

so now..
I'm just preparing myself to stay calm..
biasakn diri besendiri.. semua apa..
pandai2 lah sibukkan diri..
kalau dah memang takdir ngan dia...
seribu kali perpisahan pun.. akhirnya akan tetap juaa degn diaa..
but if not.. sejuta thun ann pun..
tetap juaa akan bepisah..

so.. ?
redha jaa ngan apa yg akn berlaku..
its just..
I think this love would not fade away..
that easily..
coz.. just like I said..
let it be my last..
my last trying so hard.. to understand him..
to really cared for him..
loving him wif all my heart..
be as loyal as I can be..

kalau benda ni.. tak jd jugaa..
I'm giving up..
that's all..
and maybe just move on..

u should know.. how special u re right now... hopefully ~

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