Saturday, 9 July 2016


Dear diary,
actually.. we have met 5 times..
yup.. maybe he had forgot that one ..

at first at the giant..
when I'm wearing my shawl
the second one.. was in front of the stall.. where I used my pink scarf..
the third one.. I'm wearing a black scarf.. the first time we date in the car..
the fourth time..
I'm wearing a red scarf.. and he's wearing a yellow t- shirt ..
the first time he's holding my hand..
the first time he kiss my hand..
and the last date..
date that I will never forget..
I'm wearing a dark blue scarf..
and he's wearing a stripes shirt..
the first time I hug him...

so.. yup
we really have met 5th times..

I guess.. I'm gonna off my blog for now..
yeah.. maybe in a while..
or forever..
just let time.. heals everything..
and when I'm ready..
I'm gonna post again..
let's hope for the best ~
bye then

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