Thursday, 23 June 2016

this is me..

do u ever remember...
the first time we chat?...
the first time we laugh...
the first time we arguing..
the first time we call...
the first time we met..
the first time we fall for each other..

do u know..
that first must come with "last"?
there's gonna be..
our last chat..
our last laugh..
our last argue..
our last call..
our last met..
and.. our last love..

its just.. we never knew.. when its gonna happen..
sometimes.. I'm afraid if I laughs so hard.. coz I might end with cried so hard..

yeah.. even though.. there's so much happiness and sadness ..
there all r for our own future..
our lesson learn..

just remember ...
I will never change...
I'm still me... forever ...
if someday .. I'm forgetting you..
or I lose my consciousness ..
I will just ended up.. to fall for u again...
this feelings inside me... will never fade away..
so.. if u sad.. let me make u happy..
if u weak.. let me make u stronger..
if u fall.. hold on my hand.. lets get up together.. if u feel cold.. let me hug you..
if u cry.. let me wipe away ur tears..
if u hurt... let I be ur bandage..
if u feel sleepy.. let me be our pillow..
if u feel scared .. let me accompany you..
if u miss me.. call me coz I'm just one call away...

"trust me.. I'm gonna wait u forever"

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