Tuesday, 28 June 2016

that feelings..

Dear diary...
semakin lama , semakin sayang..
langsung sedikit pun.. rasa sayang ni tak pernah bekurang..
apakan lagi hilang..

pengalaman yg kita pernah alami..
namun berulang kembali..
baru jaa abg ajar td...
selalu jaa kn kita alami benda ni?
how he holds my hand..
its the same feeling that I had before..
"you can tell if it's true love or not.. just by holding hands"_Cinderella
why? u can tell urself.. ug its fake or not.. that what I learnt.

thanks.. coz be my one of the sweetest moments in my life...
for sure.. I will never forget you..
just never ever say gudbye..
coz its hurts me so much..
when u say it..

rasa bahagia sangat sekarang ni..
hopefully.. its gonna be like this forever..
and I promise to wait for you..
coz its my turn now.. fulfill my promise..
u have wait me right?
so its my turn to keep waiting you...
insyaallah.. we will be together.  till the end.. ❤

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