Monday, 13 June 2016

A little thing called ❤

Once upon a time..
theres a girl..
who just feel lost..
feel useless.. with everything in her life..
and bcoz she just had a breakup..
she just feel so hurt so much..
like the world is not hers anymore..
felt like she just lost every little things in her life..

suddenly.. one day..
a guy just change her whole life..
he cheers the girl.. he motivates her..
he listened to all of her feelings inside n out.. and yeah.. the girl start to love him so dear..
"none of the day.. the girl won't miss him" .. she just miss him every millisec of her life ...
she just want to tell him that she loves him.. but u know ...
if in a relay.. there's only two path..
either.. we can be together ... forever..
or forever means nothing for us..
I didn't brave enough to tell him..

but then.. the girl thinks that.. she want him to be hers forever..
so.. she tell him.. that she loves him too..

and.. till now they still together..

I said I love you... ❤
coz I realised that I need u...
when the time I fall.. u will catch me up.. hold my hand.. when I was weak.. make a smile on my face.. when I'm in tears.. and I hope u realized how much I love you.. how much I care.. how much I miss u.. and how much I need you.. 
I hope u know that I'm the only one will love you.. so damn much..

"I love u amjan" 

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