Wednesday, 4 May 2016

stay healthy

Dear diary..
its just ... I think there's too much of throwback for one day...
emmm.. yeah.  I just met someone who I just really don't wanna met.. and I went to that place again..
I just hate it so much today..
its just reminds me of my past..
no.. I will never forget that..
one day.. u gonna paid for it..

it's just so stressing today..
sakit gila perut eh...
asal mkn jak muntahh.. 😭
mkn ubat pon muntah...
mkn bubur jak sehari..
coffee pon ibu amek dah ...

btw yg pelik.. napa Abah n ibu acting weird eh?
sbnarnyaa asfa sakit apa Jugak?
why just they don't tell me anything?
susah meh gitau?
apa salah asfa?
did I do something wrong mom? dad?
hurmmmm.. they just told me.. not to drink caffeine..
and.. stay silent..
hopefully.. there's no bad thing bout it..

guys.. I just want to stay healthy now..
not for myself.. but for my love one..
coz if I'm sick? who will make amjan happy? I want to see him smile all day long.. I just miss him so much..
and its only 2 days left..
can't wait for it..
I hope I can give him a present..
I love u amjan..❤😞

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