Sunday, 3 April 2016

stop hoping too much!!

Assalamualaikum guys...
im really tired now...
im mentally tired..
thinking bout future..
all of it..
like nobody cares..
yeah! and i dont tell anybody..
i have many problems now..
and its make me cry all night..
when people sleep...
yeah... all people have problems right?
but,,, eventhough im sad..
i hope u will not..
u have already your problems..
i miss you sayang..
im totally miss you...
and whenever u talk bout other girl..
how she love you..
im totally scared..
coz im afraid she will take u from me..
im not mad,,,
its just im scared... of the future..
yeah.. u will never find someone like me..
but u will find someone better..
and thats why each day i try to be someone better for you..
maybe u dont know it..
its hard,, yeahh its hurt so much..
umm,,, there were time i almost give up..
but.. i still love u..
thats why i keep trying..
keep making u happy..
keep missing u every day..
i hope u know how much i love you..
i hope u know... why i cry so hard lately..
i hope u know how i miss you..
i hope u feel what i feel..

and sometimes..
i think.. is it me the only one love you?
am i cared so much?
am i love u so much?
am i the only one need to care?
yeah.. its all the negativity..
everyday... i need to stay positive with my own thouhgts..
and sometimes..
i just wanna stop caring too much..
but u know me sayang..
i cant do it..
coz i love u so much..

3 days to go..
its gonna be.. our second months..
yeah i hope.. i strong enough
i just need to stop keep hoping so much..
i know.. its gonna be a new probs.. a new challeges.. for us
i hope we will stay together till the end
coz if we can get through it now..
so we can get through it forever..
love you hamzan..

im gonna miss you...
sincerely me... 

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