Monday, 11 April 2016


Assalamualaikum guys..

am I the only one who always wrong?
mcm mok nangis jak skang..
yeah.. mmg hujan di kml..
netau lahh ..
I just really want to know him..
but why. . .
sampai asfa sendiri confused skang
netau mw buat apa sudaaahh..
sudah minta maaf..
memanglah.. org kata.. minta maaf tu senang.. but.. I really don't mean anything..

sometimes pon asfa da terasa..
but I know.. he don't mean anything..
mungkin dia marah..

asfa try dah.. memahami diaa..
bejanji dah mo jaga hati dia..
and this is the third day I guess..
he is still bad mood..
and its my study weeks now..
makin  study ... makin stress
tambah sedih gik..
mcm mok menangis jak skang..
I hope he's here supporting me..
I hope he's here to wipe my tears ..
I really hope a happy ending in this relationship..
but.. mcm huru hara jak skang..
sangat sedih..
mok study pon xda mood..
tgh tahan sedih jak skang..
I just donno what to do right now..
I just can say I'm sorry sayang for everything.. yaahh I'm bongok !!!
stupid.. and so on..
but I know.. I'm not that stupid to love u.. if u can't forgive me..
I just can't do anything..
I just can cry now..
I love u sayang..
I hope u realized how I tried so hard to not hurt u again..
but I did it again..
I'm sorry..
I just don't realized it.
I just u so much..
I really miss u so bad right now..
that's why I'm always texting u.. from last night..
yeah.. I'm very happy when u called me..
but.. hear your voice.  just made me sad.. I love u..
remember that.. ❤

wanna know sayang? actually asfa demam skang.. thats why.. baru bgun..
but.. I will not tell u.. yeah I will not..
coz.. u already hurt so bad..
I feel really weak now..
I'm tired.. I really hope sayang u here..
I really miss u..
I hope u still care..
like u always do..

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