Friday, 15 April 2016

please stay.. ❤

dear Amjan ❤
dear... amjan....
u keep my heart melting..❤
each night.. when I'm  with you..
yeah.. actually I'm really upset today..
maybe I'm just to jealous...
I'm sorry for that..
I just donno how to control my feeling towards you.. sayang..

 but everyday.. u make me smile..
yeah.. I'm really stress now..
at least.. when I'm with u...
I can feel happy.. 
thanks sayang...

please sayang.. I'm begging u..
please don't leave me..
I really love u..
Its really hurts me everyday.. to wait u..
to get a text from u..
yeah.. it's really hurts me..

I'm just like a lucky girl to have u..
yeah.. I can said that.. I'm really lucky to have u..
and u r my beloved now.. 
u r my everything now...

know what? yg paling lucu..
ni blog mcm jd blog ... bout our relationship hahahaha..
bcoz.. as I said..
I'm thinking bout u.. every millisec of my life now..
and.. if u had forgotten..
I just donno.. if u always read.. my blog or what..
but I hope u read it..
at least u know how I really love u..

yeah.. sayang..
asfa bole kata lah.. actually..
its really hard to know.. your feelings..
coz.. u r not like me..
and sometimes.. I got confused..
when.. u serious.. sad ... mad..or just tired..

selalu jugak tertanya..
did I said something wrong?
or.. is he sad?

td pon.. asfa tahan diri tuu..
nemau text amjan...
tp mcm lambt Sgt td amjan balik..
terus risau ni...
risau.. kalu da pa²..

BTW.. plis take care..
for tomorrow..
love u

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