Saturday, 30 April 2016

our first week

Dear diary...
its such a hard week for us..
yup.. its the first week..
and I hope its gonna be better for the next week I guess.. hopefully..

and finally.. dpt lepas jugak rindu asfa ngn amjan eh... rasa mok menangis jak lepas dpt dgr suaranya...
just please.. I hope this relay gonna be forever for us..
and I really hope to see u tomorrow.. ohh please...
I just really wanna see him in the real life... I don't care what he's look like.. I just hope that I see him..
coz I had a dream of him.. I miss him.. I love him... damn much.. with all my heart.. just please..
I hope tomorrow gonna be alright.. and everything  goes right the way we wanted..
l miss u sayang..
please take care of your health
I know u r not feeling well..
selalu minum air eh..
love u amjan..

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