Friday, 15 April 2016

my blogy my diary

donno.. lah why..
dgr lagu rancak.. jugaa pon..
sedih gilaaa asfa rasaaa..

donno lah just feeling that
he's kinda bored now with me..
so.. be silent jak lah..
takkan juga mo chat ngn asfa selalu kan?

yeah he just donno me..
how I'm really happy to chat with him..
how I waiting him.. to come home.. and text me..

yeahhh.. sedih.. bukan marah...
org kataa kalu sedih diam jak dulu..
takut t APA yg kaw ckp.. kecil kn hati org.. yeah maybe I'm over thinking..
I'm idiot and so on..
kuat jelez semuaa APA..

the truth is.. I just don't wanna lose u..
that's all..
hurmm kbaiii...
sakit jak hati skang..
I miss u Jan..
miss u so much right now.

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