Thursday, 28 April 2016

its hard

Dear diary.. its Friday today
and tomorrow gonna be Saturday already.. yup.. there's so much changes now... except for my heart..
yup its still the same..
its just.. the time .. the conversations.. the sweets moments.. we don't have so much of that now.. probably bcoz of my situation.. yeah I make it more harder for him..
and I hope he's strong..
i just donno what to do..
I just can text him.. and see his post..
.. tweets and recordings..
I'm hearing his recording last night.. and its just make me cry..
to hear his laughs.. and jokes..
he's so cute and loving when his on the phone.. yup maybe not to often but.. when he does.. trust. me.. your heart will be melt for sure.. like mine.. ❤

know what? setiap pagi skang mcm..
lain jak asfa rasa..
n setiap mlm pon macamm tu jugakk..
it's just so.. silent now..
I'm just afraid.. of what will happen next.. 😔 its just make me hurts so much now.. and I hope I'm gonna see him on Sunday.. guys.. he's everything to me now.. I just don't want to feel that pain again.. I had it enough.. and I don't want it for the third time now..
I miss u Jan.. yeah I miss u so much..
please be strong wif.. me.
I hope u will keep ur promise..
coz for sure.. I will keep mine..
I love u amjan.. love u forever..
hope gonna hear our voice tomorrow.. love u.

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