Saturday, 23 April 2016

I'm afraid

Dear... diary..
I'm really afraid now..
coz I had a dreamt bout him again..
and its become weirder.. every night

asfa mimpi amjan jd suami dah..
apa lahh mok jadi ngn asfa... 😭
hati... please bhaa.. jgn over bhaaa..
napa mcm asfa yg tehegeh2 eh?
is it okay ?
yg paling lucu dlm mimpi tu..
asfa sempat gik cuci Kain..
cuci Kain suami konon... lol..
but amjan tmnkn lah..
takut ada org skodeng asfa tyme cuci kain.. hahahaha
gilaaaa kaw asfa ....
mohon ke laut...
amjaaaaaannn... I donno why I love u so much.. ur personality..  your love..
spread all over my heart..♥
and I can't control it anymore..

mostly every night I dream of u..
yeah maybe I love u so much..
its not that u miss me.. like the quotes said..
maybe I think of u too much..
every milisec of my life..
yeah.. it's hurt so bad..
like it's gonna kill me slowly.. wif my own feelings towards u..
and maybe bcoz I love so much..
people won't appreciate me..
but they take advantages of it..
I hope u r not that type of person..
yeah I know I re not right..
I love u syg .. sorry If I'm not as pretty as miss universe.. and so on..
but u know what the best part of me?
I love u sincerely...
and I will try to make u happy..
as much as possible..
to bring back your happy life again..
to hold your hand in the future together..
take care syg. love u

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