Monday, 11 April 2016

got confused...

Assalamualaikum guys...
hurmm.. what a lonely night..
what an awful reality vs a wonderful dreams..

dlm mimpi td.. terlihat. semua org happy.. amjan happy.. asfa happy... netaulah time calling td.. mcm apa jak..
yeah.. we miss each other..
but maybe.. I express my love.. too much.. or maybe I hurt him too much..
and he maybe sick of all that..
I said.. I'm sorry.. maafkan asfaa..
sbb itu jak yg asfa le buat skang..
if u want me to beg.. u..
I will.. but never ever ask me to leave u..
coz I won't.. u will not giving up on u..
biar hati ni sakit..
yahh asfa ngaku lah..
mmg hati asfa sakit skang..
mcm mok nangis jak td tyme calling..
tp mo buat camna.. mo mejok pon..
xda guna.. mungkin amjan lebih sakit hati banding asfa kan?
but I don't know what is it..
I just can feel it..
kalu bole TD.. asfa mo crita byk sgt benda ngn amjan..
but maybe u r too tired..
so.. xpelahh..
I hope I have the same dream again..
although it just was a dream..
at least I can see u smile.. laugh.. like u always do..
entahlah.. maybe amjan menyampah dah kali ngn asfa...

netaulah.. kata² amjan ptg td.. mmg rasa lain gilaa..
barusan lah.. terasa sgt di hati..
tp lebih baik lupakn jak..
asfa harap lah.. amjan x buat gik mcm tu.. hopefully..
amjan syg.. like I always said..
if u have problems.. share wif me please..
and if u want time to heal it.. tell me..
coz.. I'm really confused now..
please.. I just want abam amjan back..
i just want u to be happy..
like u always do..
btw gudnite..
and sory for everything..

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