Monday, 18 April 2016

Assalamualaikum guys..
yeah I'm blogging coz.. feeling that
something goes wrong tonight..
I think its just me..

its really hurts me.. to think bout the future... r we still gonna be together?
is it? is it guys? 😢 .. it will right?
please.. someone.. just said yes..

donno.. what will happen in the future right? am I love him too much? missing him like crazy?.. just can't hold it myself.. I can't control my feelings now..
am I worth it?
its just.. I'm so happy with him now..
I just want it to be like this till the end..
wow.I'm crying now.. urrghhhhh
hate this feeling so much..

guys.. I love him so much..
donno.. what I'm gonna do now..
yeah I love him with all my heart..
inside n out.. I'm crying coz I'm afraid.. scared.. that's all..

just don't want to lose a guy like him anymore.. he's part of my life now..
I become stronger now.. just bcoz of him..and how can I forget him?
I'm just afraid of the future so bad...
i just can pray ... and hope for the best now..

I really want to hear his voice rn....
yeah I'm hearing his recording now..
its just make me calm sometimes..
and I guess he's sleeping rn...
have a good dreams sayang...
sorry for tonight.. ❤
I love u syang.. so much.

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