Saturday, 23 April 2016

2 days left

Dear diary...
its Saturday today..
and theres only 2 days left hear...

I'm just thinking...
if I go back home..
is it going to be the same?
is he still loves me the he always do?
like I'm here.. 😔
I really love him guys..
its just.. I'm worried..
I really want to see him.
as much as possible..
yeah.. I will accept him.. just the way he is.. coz.. I'm not in love wif his physical..
but his personality.. his inside.. all bout him.. and that part of him.. make me love him till now..

I hope he will love me the way I do..
coz I'm not that pretty..make up pon x pandai guna.. lipstik lagi lah... pantang melekat Kat bibir.. dah asfa lap. hahahaha
t lah mok kawin baru guna semua tu.
skang asfa mo pikir nak bantu keluarga jak.
 and of course.. wanna keep this relay..
as cute and as sweet as possible..
I just need to be strong for us..
yeah sometimes I'm hurt..
but no matter what..
I will still love him.. wif all the little pieces I have..
so.. I hope he will not hurt me so much..
although he never hurt me once..
coz it hurts me so much..
not to talk wif him..
not to hear his voice..
I will just hope for the best..
I will always here.. in your ❤
sincerely me...

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