Saturday, 16 April 2016


Assalamualaikum guys..

harii ni... just donno..
all of it just like happen at once..
dari awal pagi.. sampai ke petang..
and its really makes me crying now..

yeah guys.. I'm not a strong person..
its just hurt me so much..
its so tiring..
yeah.. I'm not type of person yg kuat
but I will try..
know what? im really miss my siblings now...
why ahh? I just really..
uhhh forget it.. I just hate this feelings now.. gilaa bhaa.. dia hutang ... aq pulak yg merayu minta duit balik..
urghhh ...!!! mcm aq pulak yg buat salah.. just give me headache..!!!

amjaaannnnn I miss u..
I need u right now..
but.. nemaulah.. hurmmm..
I wish I can have vid call with u..
sblum asfa balik tawau..
and.. I still hope for that miracle..
yeah.. I hope it dreams come true..

guys.. hari ni tanggal 17..
yeah.. I hope I can go to his grave today.. sorry.. asfa doakan yah..
miss u too.. hurmm..
just found your recording today..
and all of your videos.. that I saved..
its really a happy memories..
again.. thanks.. for it..

hurmm.. u know guys?
ajal n jodoh tu semua rahsia Allah right? yeah I really want a happy ending wif amjan.. and.. I don't want to lose him.. even once..
all of my problems today.. will just be my lessons..
yelaahh merepek jak mlm²

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