Tuesday, 8 March 2016

tiring week

Assalamualaikum guys..
donno.. I'm just feel like crying tonight..
yeah.. I got so many tests.. so many things I need to catch up..
I feel confused...

I'm sleeping like for just only 2/3 hours a day.. yeah I know I need to struggle..
I hope Im strong enough.. hopefully...

know.. what? yeah.. I'm sad
just for some reason...
and it hurts me..
I just need to think positive..

can someone said "you can do it asfa... you can do it!!"..

instead of me.. saying that each And everyday.. yeah.. I need support.!
hurmm.. night guys..
this week I have.. muet test.. Chem test.. maths test.. and report interview..
wish me luck guys..


  1. be strong and pray hard babe. you can do this. you are an iron lady

  2. thanks.. sis
    thanks for the support..


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