Thursday, 17 March 2016

the end!

Assalamualaikum guyss..
so.. its the end of 17/March tonight..
its kinda sad day..
yeah i cried during the chemistry class today..
donno.. just feeling stressed bout it!

and btw.. here some picture taken in dk hahahaha

on your left is ema..
and on your right... is nana..
and we r like siblings....
gonna miss them.. so much..
tak lama lagi habis matriks kan..?
hurmmm gonna miss the memories..
the laugh.. the sadness..
aisshhh semualah..
suka hangout and makan dgn dorang..

"cause i love you
cause u loe me
cause i want to be with u
cause i want u to become my princess
cause i want u to become my queen
 tiba2 ni hahahaha
abam amjan cakap.. ni
tapi kata2 yang akhir  secret wkakaka
 aisshhh netau asfa maw kata apa sudahh
btw abang amjan gudluck esok..
love you..
you can do it!!!!


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