Tuesday, 15 March 2016

shut up!

Assalamualaikum guys..
hurmm sedih jer kann hari ni...
hurmm.. pernah rasa tak?
pernah rasa.. kadang² kau rasa penat jer nak paham org..
salah sikit.. dah org salah paham.. fitnah lah.. apalah...
yeah.. like I said. the best way is to be silent..
so no one will get hurts.. except u..

I hope I can understand him more..
its just maybe.. sikap asfa ni kurang matured.. and serious..
but yeah I'm really serious in this relationship.. maybe I just need take time.. just give me time to understand u.. please...

I know.. u a little bit upset bout me..
hurmm.. sorry.. sayang..
its just I try to keep it myself.. but it become more worst..

just please.. i miss him now..
I just want to hear his voice..
I hope he is here.. beside me.. now..

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