Monday, 7 March 2016

its just..

Assalamualaikum guys..
emm.. don't know.. just feel lonely tonight..

maybe I just miss my siblings.. n my parents.. my bffs..
yeah.. its just like I want people to hug me now.. and telling me.. to be strong..!!!.. you can do it..!!!

its just.. the situation was like the same.. but i hope its not happening twice..
I'm just afraid..

am I just to cautious bout it?
am I too care?
am I ?

hurm.. btw.. I miss my amjan..
yeah.. hes busy..
and I guess he is sleeping now..
u know? I'm always hoping that.. when I'm talking and chatting wif him.. I wish the time will move slower.. so I can enjoy more time wif him..
but.. the time just got jealous..

im always glad that.. whenever Im sad.  I just remember our conversation and get happy again..
for example.. if I'm feeling sad..
I will always think how he call my name like"asfa bhaaaa" hahabaha.. so cute.. and the time that I force him to wake me up.. hahaha..

for the first time.. he want to do it..
yeah.. I'm appreciate it.. so much..
thinking of him.. already make me smile..

I hope .. I can make him smile too.. whenever he feel sad.. or bad mood..
hurm.. missing him so much..
byee gudnite

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