Thursday, 10 March 2016

it's just hurt..sometimes..

hurmm... it's just a tiring night I have tonight..

knowing that u r tired...
and want to sleep.. feeling hungry..
but u just missing someone..
u just want to hear his voice for the last time for tonight.. even though u r terribly tired to open your eyes.. but u just keep pushing yourself to pick the phone. just to hear his voice.. coz u miss him.. so damn much!!!

yeah I'm busy.. so much busy..
but I miss him.. what can I do? I just can hold myself. its hurt me whenever I force myself..

umm.. I'm just afraid.. of losing him..
so.. I'm really feel caucious whenever I call him.  I text him..

I hope the best for tomorrow..
for our relationship..
and just forget what happen tonight..
love u sayang..

gudnite ❤

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