Sunday, 20 March 2016

its hurt!

Assalamualaikum guys..
hurmm... sedihh gila
yeah I know its not anybody's fault ..
maybe he's not understand me yet..
that's all..

I know there will be a problem like this.. its just maybe we just need time to understand each other..

yeah that's relationship is for..
if u don't wanna understand and keep on touch.. why u have a relationship then? I just need to think before I act now..

hurmm its just maybe I'm just feeling sad today.. and acting like Im happy..
but end up to be really sad tonight..
is it becoz I didn't tell him? is it really my fault? urgggggghhh!!! I'm stress!!!
feelings please just leave me alone tonight !!!

I hope my superman is here..
whenever I'm alone I hope his here..
whenever I'm sad I hope his here..
whenever I'm hurt I hope his here..
it's just maybe I got a problem wif my own superman ...

is he miss me?
is he love me the way I do?
is he okay?
or am I okay without him?

I'm trying myself not to care at all..
but end up to care a lot bout him
and its really shame!!

btw.. like I said..
whatever the problem is..
I hope we can get through it together...
not alone..

just like u said..
we will be sad and happy together..
no matter what..
I hope u still remember that..
btw gudnite guys..
love u amjan..

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