Friday, 18 March 2016


Assalamualaikum guys..
know.. what? its just sometimes.. u just miss the memories.. the times the dreams..

I wish I can make all my dreams come true.. and I will.. I know I can do it..!!!

know what? td kesayangn p amek spa..
and mcm asfa yg rasa nervous.. hahaha
lega jugaklah.. dpt tahu yg interview nyaa bejalan ngn lancar.. alhamdulillah.. makbul juga doa.. ❤
it's just guys.. I hope I can make all his dream come true.. asfa x dpt lakukan apa2 pon.. hurmm cuma le doakan jak..
for the best..

yeah.. I really want to show him..
he's really an awesome guy..
whatever the problem is.. u just need to stay confident..!!
I know he can do it..
it's really worth to try..

know what? really weird right?
many people ask me..
why I'm writing in the blog everyday?
coz.. u don't understand me..what my feelings.. moods..
for example.. I want to talk bout my bui.. peliklah kan kalu asfa cerita ngn kwan.. kenal pon x.. it's just I'm the only want know how I feel..
that's why.. I will post it in the blog..
hurmm.. now.. I even have my own superhero.. .
and I hope he always be..
I'm just miss him a lot tonight..
yeah it's weekend ..
I hope I can spend more time wif him..
but.. maybe he is busy or.. sleeping right now.. dont disturb him..
love u... always..

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