Saturday, 26 March 2016

gudnite pujaan hati

gudnite my love.. ❤
sowy x sempat baca doa tidur..
baca doa sendiri lah mlm ni.. hahahaha
selagi x abis kedit.. selagi tu jak kan kol .  coz I miss you so mucchh..!!
mcm x nak berenti jak kol ngn amjan..
sempat jugak memekak ngn dia..
sempat jugak throwback..
sempat jugak talk bout our future hhaha lol..
cute laahh amjan aiihhhh...
I hope he is here..!!! right next to me..
I love you syg..
and btw.. thanks for being honest..
and be loyal.. thank u so much..
I hope u will always love me.. just like the first time you know me..
the first time u fall in love wif.. me.
I hope u will never forget bout our memories..
tekejut jugak.. td... amjan ingat jugak little things bout our memories..
thanks syg.. for remember it..
and again.. thanks for confessing hahahaha
I accept you.. now.. and forever..
u will always be my bf.. bff.. and maybe husband? and my new family? ❤
love you..
thanks for supporting me..
happy Sgt mlm ni.. coz dpt dgr suara syg gelak.. senyum..
and bout video that I just gave you..
sorry lah muka agak chubby..
t kalu asfa bejaya diet.. t asfa buat gik hahahaha.. love you hamzan
oh yaa.. pasal yg kalu ada org layan asfa atau mw bekenalan tu..
maybe asfa layan jugak..
but trust.. me.. asfa cuma layan biasa² jak k.. I will stay loyal for.. u..
I will be honest.. syg.. k..
so don't worry..
actually I'm worry bout u..
please stay wif me..
asfa mohon please...
btw. thanks for tonight syg.
.. gudnite..

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