Sunday, 27 March 2016

gonna miss you


selamat tidur Mohd Hamzan ❤
I love you sayang..
thanks for be my teddy bear n my radio tonight he he
and finally I got my recordings. 
hhaha everyday will be our new memories wif you..
tak sabar pulak nak balik tawau jumpa abam.. 
kena study duluuu...
btw sayang take care for today..
thanks for all..

I hope my video can accompany you..
when I'm gone..
u know I love u right?
amjan pendek ka..
gemuk ka..
suara pecah kaaa..
I will always choose to be with you..
always syg...
I really hope u re the last..
the last page of my life..
and if u re..
I promise.. I will learn as much as I can in cooking.. baking and dressing..
to get prettier hhahs
be a good aka soleha wife for u..
I will syg ❤
love you..
take care..
stay healthy..
and please.. if u want to text me.
just text me..
just call me..
if I have time I will reply ..
stay safe.. stay cute.. stay handsome.. stay healthy.. stay happy..
love yoooouuuu amjaaaannm

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