Thursday, 10 March 2016


haii guys.. morning..
btw morning amjan sayang ..
hahahahaha tapuji eh..
pagi² ngade..

mungkin amjan masi tido kan?
maybe lah..
I really want to hear his voice now.huhu.. so I'm not missing him too much for the day..
tp sy rasa.. hari² n setiap saat pon i miss him hahahahaha gilak
bikin malu..

asfa post pon pagi ni.. saja jak..
its just gonna be a busy day for today n tomorrow.. guys wish me luck...!!!
I'm really nervous and afraid right now.. maybe I will not be sleeping tonight.. so.. I hope I'm strong enough..
btw.. love u guys..
love u Jan.. ❤
let's get a cute and sweet relationship k..
and make people jealous hahahaha..
dui pagi² sudah gilak
I will more appreciate the time..
to build a new happy memories
for myself.. so have fun..
don't over think!!! live your life..
here some picture that we took in front the library.. after the product promotion last night ... yeahh gonna miss them..
38 days left.. fighting!!!!

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