Sunday, 6 March 2016

1st month

heyyy guys..
its me again... yeah me Asfa..

tonight are the first month of my relationship wif him..
hope he remembered it.. hurmmm
feeling lil bit sad n boring tonight without him....
yeah i know.. he got problems,, tonight... im understand,,^^

its just... i got so many things in my mind right now...
and many things that i want to tell him... tonight
emm tapi... nak wat cam mn kan?
biarlah dia rilek .. its for the best..

Selama in relationship ni kan...
byk lah jugak mengajar asfa...
one of them... always trust that.."there will be someone
who will always be wif u"
nak ceritalah sikit k... Amjan ni.. tak jugak romantik..
tak jugak sweet... selalu..
tapi... dia special,,, terlalu special...
yeah.... i love him because i love staying and talking wif him..
i love his voice.. his smile... his cuteness.. and his jelezness hahaha
yeahhh semua tu cute... ^^

kalau pasal masalah tu..
banyak lah jugak masalahh.. selama sebulan ngn dia..
tp kebanyakannya salah asfa jugak..
asfa ni... selalu mintak pujik lah mengadaa..... hurmm..
nasiblah amjan ni.. le thn ... kalu tak.. habislah... huhu

my hope...?
i will not tell u guys bout this...
coz.. i will tell him by myself..
if.. he asks..

i hope lah.. relationship ni.. akan kekal..
walaupun kami ni in long distance relationship..
i really hope the best of it...
i just.. cant stand myself from missing him.. texting him..
yeahh asfa tau.. amjan mesti bosan dgr kan?
hurmm.. i hope u will never get tired of hearing it..
becoz one day.. u will gonna be miss it ...
i hope u will always stay wif me,,, for the day.. month and forever...
oh yaa.. wish me luck guys.. for my ups result tomorrow..

love u sayang.. miss u... gudnite

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