Saturday, 20 February 2016

Note for myself!

hai again..
weird right? coz this is my second post for tonight..
why? I just wanna tell u guys.. he had found my blog 😂... I feel so shame bout it. and maybe he is sleeping right now..

do u know? I miss him right now..
stupid me ... I hope I'm not overreacted
its just I don't want to be left again..
I'm just afraid to love him this much..
is it wrong?

sometimes I will asks myself.. is it worth it? hurmm...

and u know.. I make a stupid action tonight.. and I don't know what am I doing.. I'm just angry.. and sad ...
and I feel like don't want to hear his voice that time .. and its like its not me anymore..
but somehow.  he just a sweet person..
he comfort me.. he apologized.. although it's not his fault.. its just.. I'm so stupid... I'm just so sorry.. for doing it.
I hope he will be mine forever..
I miss u amjan.  love u..
btw as I said.. sorry for loving u so much..
Goodnight.. muaahhhh

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