Thursday, 18 February 2016

its love ❤

salam jumaat.. guys.. 😊
k.. today.. post asfa will be bout someone.. who I really loved.. and I hope he will stay next to me. till the end...

Perkenalan kami.. pun first² cuma nak share our own thoughts bout our ex's.
we share our sadness.. and we tried to help each other to move on...
yup its really hard to move on. I tried so hard. I cried so hard. I even try to be busy as much as I can. and yup I forget him. with time goes by... I spend a lot of time wif him. we chat a lot. we laugh a lot. I think he was a knight wif a shining armor that time. 😂 yeah bcoz.. he just save me from the darkness of my life. I'm happy wif him... and I start missing him.

but. at first.. I think he just want to chat wif me.. for just only to help him to move on.. yeah.. that time I just don't want to have hope so much. ....

until..... on 7/2/2016...
amjan.. said to me.. that.. he loves me 😍
yeah.. he said it.
that time.. I just donno..
I have two feeling..
I'm afraid and at the same time I'm happy. yet excited.
I love him too... its just I don't want to be hurt anymore... just that.
but.. he said he wants me to be honest..
and yes I'm being honest.. and I said I love him too... and we r officially in relationship.. ❤

yup.. I accepted him..
I want him... I just want to be happy wif him. and I want to make him happy too.. I can't lie myself !
Its quite early for a relationship right?
yup.. but I just don't to lose him..
I just don't want to feel regret ...

so.. now.. i just need to trust him..
and I hope he trust me too..
coz I'm thinking u everyday.. and missing u everyday.. if I can said a million times.. I will said it.
so please trust me.

if u want to know why I accepted u to be apart of my life..
I have no reason to said...
I'm just willing to say.. "I want u"
so.. please stay.. understand me..
be sincere..

if sometimes I'm annoyed or hurt your feelin .  please tell me... so I know.. how u feel..
I will be honest wif u.. I will try my best.

yelahhh.. that's all for now..
too jiwang pulak ni. 😂
btw miss u amjan.❤

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