Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I'm sorry ❤

Assalamualaikum guys..
hurmm.. I'm just feeling empty now..
feel such a useless person ...

last night I'm crying like crazy..
stupid right? I miss him.. yeah I miss him so much.. its just hurt me so much.. and I can't sleep bcoz of it..
its just for the first time.. he is not wish a goodnight wish for me..
yeah and I know he's sad..
I'm such an idiot!
hurmm.. that's why... I'm afraid to have a relationship.. I just don't want to hurt anyone else.. especially him..
and.. I did it last night.. I just need to be punish!!!
I hope he still love me..
I hope he still miss me...
I hope he still care...
I hope he will not leave me..
I hope he can understand me..
I hope he right here.  by my side..
coz I'm really sad now..
yeah I'm crying... like an idiot!!!
I miss him.. I'm hoping I can see him in my dream.... where I can apologize and said.. I truly miss him.. in front of me..
I just want to spend the night wif him..
its such a bad day I have..
btw guys.. goodnight.
love u amjan.. ❤
im really sorry syg.

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