Sunday, 21 February 2016

I'm just afraid..

hi guys...
so it's my second post for today..
hurmm... its just I'm feeling so happy now.. I'm afraid I might be so sad.. for the future..

I just wanna cry now..
silly right? yup u know thats me. ..
I just really happy wif my life now..
I just don't want to be hurt anymore..
coz.. I have been hurt so much..!

I'm happy.. that I can text u everyday..
I'm happy coz.. theres u who cared for me.. I'm happy there u to talk wif ... I'm happy that u always there wif me.. beside me...

yup... I had experienced it..
its full of sweetness..
and silly me.. my tears are falling now.
stupid me .
huurm  ...
I just want to say
i miss u..
goodnight amjan..❤
please stay..

this feeling is killing me inside..
yup.. I'm sick..
I'm sick of u..
and its really hurt me. ,!!!!
please stay ❤

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