Sunday, 21 February 2016

feeling tired!

Assalamualaikum guys..
hurmmm.. even though it's Sunday..
today is a very tiring day to me..
just feeling lonely now..

emm amjan? busy kot .. or maybe he is resting now.. ^^..
I just donno.. there's like something wrong wif my feeling today.. feeling sad and tiring..
and u will not believe what I'm about to say.. Im totally miss amjan right now.. hahahaha crazy right? hurmm..
text him? naahhh.. I don't want to disturb him.. btw its weekends today.  just don't want to spoil his mood wif his friend.. i just need to wait and be patient.. ❤

u know.. its kinda weird...
I just can't feel mad.. or sad wif him..
bcoz he always win me wif his lame joke hahahaha .. "kilik"
I just ❤ him..
I just hope it will last forever..
bye guys. ! stay healthy..

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