Friday, 26 February 2016

amjan ❤

Assalamualaikum.. guys..
I just donno.. why I keep loving him so much.. and it's keep me sad every time I miss him.. ❤

Im really.. really.. really love him..
till I just can't think of him everyday..
yeah.. we never met.. so.. u know..
I love u.. not for your looks.. not for your money. I just love to stay by your side... I think.. I'm the happiest person to be by your side.. when u keep calling me syg.. I miss u..

yeah I miss u too.. I miss u everyday.. I keep waiting u everyday..
wanna know something? yeah.. everyone just keep asking me.  not to love u as much as I do.. but u know what? I'm truly love u.. yeah I mean it..
I keep saying this everyday...
and there will be a person will ask me.. why I trust u so much? although.. we just already have this relationship only less than a month..
yeah.. I trust u... I trust u so much..!
I dont want to.. but u know me..

and one more syg..
yeah u have many weakness ...
but u know what ... I have many weakness too.. but I just keep hide it..
yeah that's me.. and.just please remember.. I will always love.. amjan.. "always"..

and do u wanna know what my weakness is?..
my weakness is u...
yeah I keep missing u..
I keep loving u...
and I'm totally serious bout our relationship..
I just.. want to stay forever by your side.... I hope u feel the same way..

I will always pray.. that we will be together till the end.. coz... if u leave me... I will be hurt. I'm totally will givap wif myself... I hope u re the last on the list of my heart.. yeah I'm truly am..

u have never seen my wc right? yeah.. if u open it... there's all about u in there..
and.. every time I text.. I post.. something.. yeah I will always remember u.. always syg..
once again.. I love u syg..
I love u so much..
I hope u love me too..
coz u re one of the best part of my life now.. and if u leave... my heart will leave too..
I mean it syg ...
goodnight abam amjan..
I will always keep this big heart of u ..
in my life.

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